Keck Day Faculty & Student Residences

Stevenson School | Pebble Beach, California

At the Stevenson School, an independent, coed boarding school in Pebble Beach, California, residential facilities have been designed to provide social interaction at a variety of scales. Here, as in Stevenson’s Atwood Residence Hall, Hornberger + Worstell has developed a double-height central common room that knits the wings of the residence hall together. These common areas encourage informal, community-wide gathering around fireplaces, serving both as entry points and organizing elements for the residence hall.

This two-story, 48,000 square foot building contains five resident faculty apartments and 55 single and suite bedrooms housing 80 students. The use of over-scaled, wood-framed windows brings natural light to the interior while offering views of the surrounding campus green and DelMonte Forest. Students and faculty of Keck Day Hall are welcomed by an arched bridge that spans the pedestrian entry of the campus commons.