University Student Center

Sonoma State University | Rohnert Park, California

The 132,000 square foot University Student Center will become the nexus of campus social life, combining four levels of dining with gathering spaces, student clubs and services, and main campus bookstore. Given that Sonoma State is a commuter campus without a large-scale, round-the-clock meeting place, the new Center will greatly enhance student life by providing a place for students to gather outside of class.

The new Center will also house a conference center available for campus meetings and outside rental, as well as retail spaces for vendors including a bank, convenience store, copy center, and post office. Eighty-five percent of the overall program of the building will generate revenue for the campus and ensure the facility’s year-round economic sustainability.

Hornberger + Worstell collaborated with the interior design firm Alamosa Design Associates and the rendering firm BCG Studios in the making of the enclosed project renderings.